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Is That Right?

Hey Guys, I am still with you all thankfully 🙂 Got an update: The finale for the Awakenings series is completed.  I mean all written.  Cover done.  Wrapped up. I just have edits to get through and we will be all set. For real. It is set for publication on November 27, 2013, in conjunction […]

Her Restored Soul: Awakenings, Part 9 is Now LIVE!

Hey Guys! As promised, Her Restored Soul: Awakenings, Part 9 is now LIVE: Upon hearing the news that her Mother is gravely ill, June knows nothing else but that she needs to get home to be by her dying Mother’s side. In a twist of fate, the one person who she didn’t think would care, […]

Changes, Discounts and Updates – Oh My!

Hey Guys, I have a lot of things for you – so grab a cup of coffee and sit a spell! First off – Part 7 (as yet unnamed) is progressing swimmingly.  I got a really great start with all my re-plotting and such.  I have officially gotten 1003 words – in TWO freakin’ hours!  […]

The Writer’s Life

I spent the whole of two hours this morning, not writing part 7. Before you guys show me that disappointed face, let me tell you why. I didn’t write part 6 sooner because I was painting myself into a corner in the story and I wasn’t sure how to get out.   After realizing that there […]

Countdown Begins…

Hey Guys, It’s official – the countdown begins now! More news and Giveaways to come! I’m pretty excited that this is finally on its way to you all 🙂 Thanks for hanging in there with me 🙂 Follow me on Twitter @LillianBendover and click the email list to your right to subscribe for more news […]

Awakenings… Part 6?!

Tis true, I’ve been working on it as promised… and here is a bit of what I have to show for all my hard work: Emma placed her opened palms on either of June’s thighs, moving the bothersome material of the dress out of the way so that she could feel the warm tan colored […]


I’m not going to lie to you guys – I became discouraged. So much so that I stopped writing. Almost everything. Even the Awakenings series.  I haven’t looked at it since… my last post here, in February. I feel bad – those few of you who have stuck with me I’m sure, are waiting for […]