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Is That Right?

Hey Guys, I am still with you all thankfully 🙂 Got an update: The finale for the Awakenings series is completed.  I mean all written.  Cover done.  Wrapped up. I just have edits to get through and we will be all set. For real. It is set for publication on November 27, 2013, in conjunction […]

Who Says Tweeters Never Prosper?

Hey Guys! The editing is done. The cover is too. Holly’s sabbatical winds up turning into a legal nightmare at the greedy hands of a desperate Agatha.  It is all Holly’s legal counsel can do to keep her and things together. June’s nesting with Emma seems all well from the outside.  But Holly’s return to […]

Countdown Begins…

Hey Guys, It’s official – the countdown begins now! More news and Giveaways to come! I’m pretty excited that this is finally on its way to you all 🙂 Thanks for hanging in there with me 🙂 Follow me on Twitter @LillianBendover and click the email list to your right to subscribe for more news […]

Awakenings… Part 6?!

Tis true, I’ve been working on it as promised… and here is a bit of what I have to show for all my hard work: Emma placed her opened palms on either of June’s thighs, moving the bothersome material of the dress out of the way so that she could feel the warm tan colored […]

Awakenings, Part 5 Now LIVE!!! #teamlesbian #amwriting #amreading #ian1 #erotica #lesbian

Happy Sunday Guys! Her Seductive Affections: Awakenings, Part 5 is now LIVE:   June’s plan while Holly was on sabbatical was to get back to her life: work, home and keeping in touch with her parents. But when she stops in one lonely night at the Mocha Drop, she winds up exploring the depths of […]

Awakenings, Part 5 and It’s The Weekend!!! #ian1 #amreading #amwriting #lesbian #erotica

Hey Guys! Just checking in with some updates for this weekend: Awakenings, Part 5 is right on schedule!  The official release is this Sunday, January 20, 2013 @ 9am EST! That means one thing: you have one more day to enter the Giveaway – TODAY until midnight! What Giveaway?! The one where you can enter […]

Make Up Swag!!!

Hey Guys! Fancy meeting you all here on the other side of this New Year!  I hope you all had a swell, safe time – are you ready for 2013?!   On the rare occasion that I do wear make-up, I make sure I have my make-up swag!  Lipgloss is always a girls’ bestie (next […]