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Her Restored Soul: Awakenings, Part 9 is Now LIVE!

Hey Guys! As promised, Her Restored Soul: Awakenings, Part 9 is now LIVE: Upon hearing the news that her Mother is gravely ill, June knows nothing else but that she needs to get home to be by her dying Mother’s side. In a twist of fate, the one person who she didn’t think would care, […]


I promise I have not died. Though with so many personal things going on, I wonder at times how I’m not in pieces. For those who have been keeping up and keeping track, I’ve been promoting and writing and creating and promoting some more! As extra proof, I’ve attached the print screen of part of […]

Her Damaged Convictions: Awakenings, Part 7 – 8/2/13

Hey Guys, Awesome news! Her Damaged Convictions: Awakenings, Part 7 will be out this Friday, August 2, 2103!  June expected a night filled with passionate love-making once back at Holly’s place.  But the cold reception after their wonderful evening leaves her a little more than confused. Determined not to become one of Holly’s conquests, June […]

Lesbian Erotic Writing – What It Is and What It Means To Me

Hey Guys! I was ruminating the other night about the smut, porn, erotica that I write for you guys and what it means to me.  I know – this shouldn’t be one of those questions that keeps me up at night but what can I say?  It did keep me up and this write up […]


Hey Guys! I have to admit that I have a slight infatuation with the 1940s/1950s – something about the way the women dressed, how they carried themselves, the style of their hair.  I love that time period!  LOVE IT! I also have to admit that I am a boob girl – I LOVE boobs!  (Who […]

Awakenings, Part 5 Now LIVE!!! #teamlesbian #amwriting #amreading #ian1 #erotica #lesbian

Happy Sunday Guys! Her Seductive Affections: Awakenings, Part 5 is now LIVE:   June’s plan while Holly was on sabbatical was to get back to her life: work, home and keeping in touch with her parents. But when she stops in one lonely night at the Mocha Drop, she winds up exploring the depths of […]

Awakenings, Part 5 and It’s The Weekend!!! #ian1 #amreading #amwriting #lesbian #erotica

Hey Guys! Just checking in with some updates for this weekend: Awakenings, Part 5 is right on schedule!  The official release is this Sunday, January 20, 2013 @ 9am EST! That means one thing: you have one more day to enter the Giveaway – TODAY until midnight! What Giveaway?! The one where you can enter […]