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Guys! Almost a year has gone by… But as always, I bring good things 🙂 Check it out below: Amazon • Barnes & Noble • Kobo • Smashwords Follow the growing romance and strained sexual exploits of June Montgomery, the good girl from a small town and the no holds barred, handsomely beautiful big city […]

I Don’t Say A Lot of Things…

Hi Guys… I know – it’s way past February. I could give you any varied and valid reasons on why it’s taken me so long to come back. …   The most important thing is – I’m back, right? Sort of. I’m dipping my toe in as gingerly as possible.  A lot has happened in […]

Mark Your Calendars!

Hey Guys! Welp!  It’s official.  November 27, 2013 will not only be the launch date of the Awakenings finale – Her Sweet Dreams: Awakenings, Part 10, but it will also be the day that an interview (of sorts) with June Montgomery will be featured on Sexy Romance Stories! Eeepp!!  I am so excited! To celebrate […]

Today’s THAT Day – Her Damaged Convictions: Awakenings, Part 7 is LIVE!!!

Hey Guys! As promised – Her Damaged Convictions: Awakenings, Part 7 is LIVE: Amazon • B&N • Kobo • Smashwords I’ll be back in a week or so to let you know when I expect part 8 to be done. There is an end to the saucy series, I promise!  I will be stopping at […]

BREAK Amazon’s Top 100 Erotica

Hey Guys! Hope all is well – Just checking in with a reminder! I decided to keep Daddy-Oh! on sale for a bit longer!  It will be 99¢ for another week.  So if you’ve been on the fence about it – now would be your chance to get your copy! I want to BREAK Amazon’s […]

Who Says Tweeters Never Prosper?

Hey Guys! The editing is done. The cover is too. Holly’s sabbatical winds up turning into a legal nightmare at the greedy hands of a desperate Agatha.  It is all Holly’s legal counsel can do to keep her and things together. June’s nesting with Emma seems all well from the outside.  But Holly’s return to […]

Countdown Begins…

Hey Guys, It’s official – the countdown begins now! More news and Giveaways to come! I’m pretty excited that this is finally on its way to you all 🙂 Thanks for hanging in there with me 🙂 Follow me on Twitter @LillianBendover and click the email list to your right to subscribe for more news […]