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Her Broken Spirit: Awakenings Part 8!

Hey Guys!

As promised Her Broken Spirit: Awakenings Part 8 is here and TODAY is that day!

After a wild night of clubbing and a one night stand, June finds herself reflecting on her life and what it is she is doing with it, when a phone call from her estranged parents threatens to test her limits of love and family.

Determined to get back to her old self, Holly takes to her new work-out routine and discovers the woman in herself that she had lost. Allowing her ego to take the reigns, she keeps June at a far distance until their two worlds collide in a moment of need and humanity.

This is the eighth part of the “Awakenings” series by lesbian erotica author, Lillian Bendover, and is 5900 words long.

Warning: Explicit Butch/Femme sex


Standing in the door frame, She glanced at her physique in the bathroom’s full length mirror, her nostrils flared from exertion. This was the Holly she had hoped would have shown up that night when June was there.  Her belly flattening from her new work out routine, her arms gaining definition, her jaw set with new motivation. She felt exhilaration at how her body remembered how to obey and come back under her command. This was the Holly she knew no woman had been able to resist. But there was something else looking back at her in the mirror too – a coldness she hadn’t recognized before.

Holly stared at her red, roughed up palms, clenching and opening her fists to bring them back to normalcy. A memory of cupping June’s warm soft breasts flashed in her mind in that moment, making the small of her belly flutter. She groaned, tipping her head back as she ran her thumb inside the waist band of her sweats.


Scrumptious no?!

Enjoy Guys!  I am off to begin writing Part 9!  And we will bring this series to its end with Part 10!

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Love You, Mean It!


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