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The Writer’s Life

I spent the whole of two hours this morning, not writing part 7.
Before you guys show me that disappointed face, let me tell you why.
I didn’t write part 6 sooner because I was painting myself into a corner in the story and I wasn’t sure how to get out.   After realizing that there are actual fans who care and look forward to the story (and let’s be honest – the hot juicy bits), I threw myself back into the story and angonizingly finished part 6.
Not wanting to repeat the same misery I put myself through, for the remaining parts of the story, I temporarily STOPPED writing for a few days while I did some homework.  My homework consisted of READING a nifty little guide I happened upon while mulling over my plot points.
Thank goodness I took the time to read it from front to back.  It helped to remind me of some really important writing tips that I had forgotten, which helped to make writing a joy again.
So those two hours I spent NOT writing part 7 this morning, were spent instead, ripping apart the remainder of my story and building it anew.  It was painful but necessary.  I re-wrote the ending of the series till my hands were weak.  And that picture above is proof.
Those pages within view are the whole of the rest of the Awakening series.  YES! – parts 7, 8, 9 and 10 are fully mapped out.  I am excited to START writing again!  And even MORE excited to have you guys read it when I’m done!
So after some late lunching (just leftovers… my writing career is not so glamorous yet :)) I will dive back into part 7 with zest and zeal!
Changes afoot people, changes afoot!
Love You, I Mean It!

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Erotic lesbian word-jocky. Naughty, never nice. Keeping things classy.

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