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Today’s The Day! NEW eBook by Lillian Bendover!

Hey Guys,

Today’s the day – Her Fallen Intentions: Awakenings, Part 6 is here!!!


It can be found at:


Barnes & Noble actually is having some issues with loading my ebook properly, so those who have Nook will have to wait another week before it is available to them – sorry.

Thanks to everyone who patiently waited for this section to come out!  I hope you enjoy it and consider leaving a review on either one of the eBook retailers above.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get any comments on my last post, so there are no winners to announce!  Bummed cause I was looking forward to giving one copy away.

In other news, I am writing part 7, so that should be sooner than this last section.  I have a few shorties in mind that I may put out (no pun intended!!) between now and part 7.

I am also working on some discount goodies for you guys – keep an eye out for that.

And I think we’ve gotten the housekeeping out of the way.

As always – I want to thank my loyal fans and readers.  I keep writing because of you guys!

Feel free to drop me a line or check me out on Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and now on Scoop.it!

I Love you all, I mean it!  Enjoy your Sunday and Part 6!



About LillianBendover

Erotic lesbian word-jocky. Naughty, never nice. Keeping things classy.

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