Awakenings Part 5 and a Giveaway!!!

Hey Guys!

Been a busy Bee these few days of the New Year and I have something to show for it – Her Seductive Affections: Awakenings, Part 5:

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June’s plan while Holly was on sabbatical was to get back to her life: work, home and keeping in touch with her parents.  But when she stops in one lonely night at the Mocha Drop, she winds up exploring the depths of loving, on her terms and threatens to shatter the wholesome image her parents have always believed.

Holly tries not to get mired in her father’s affairs but is overcome with grief and the uncomplicated allure of a bourbon bottle. But a hand delivered document early one morning puts her sad world on high alert.

This is the fifth part of the “Awakenings” series by lesbian erotica author, Lillian Bendover, and is 7200 words long.

Warning: Explicit Butch/Femme sex


The knocking came frantic and loud, making June wonder what emergency could warrant anyone nearly beating down her door.  There had only been one other time she had to rise so rapidly out of bed and it had been on account of Holly’s father being in hospital so many months ago.

“What?!  Is something wrong?”  Emma propped herself up on her elbows, her limp blonde tresses, tousled from their night of love making, a sheet draped across the bottom half of her body, her pale breasts unencumbered.  She looked so creamy and delicious laying there that June wanted to ignore the knocking and pick up where they had left off just a few short hours ago.

“I dunno.  I wasn’t expecting anyone.  I’ll go see.”  June kissed Emma’s lips, reluctantly sliding out of bed, padding her way to the closet for a robe, then making her way to her front door.

“Who is it?”  She inquired from the safe side of the locked door.  She could hear a mixture of a woman and possibly a few men’s voices.

“June?! June!!  Are you alright Honey?!  Open up June!  It’s Mom and Dad!”


It won’t be out till January 20th, 2013 so get ready!

In celebration of Part 5 coming out and as a Thank You to my readers, I will be having a GIVEAWAY – In Two Ways!

The First part of the giveaway will be for the ENTIRE 5 part Awakening Series thus far!  To be eligible for this, you need to ‘Like’ my page on Facebook.

The Second part of the giveaway, will be for Part 5 ONLY! To be eligible for this, you need to Follow Me on Twitter and leave a comment below about anything: the name of your cat, the size of your shoes, the color of your hair, your favorite Starbucks beverage!  Anything at all!

Get to it Fans!  Share the info, tell a friend but most importantly keep an eye out and some space on your eReader for Her Seductive Affections: Awakenings, Part 5!

Love you – I mean it!



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Erotic lesbian word-jocky. Naughty, never nice. Keeping things classy.

4 comments on “Awakenings Part 5 and a Giveaway!!!

  1. My cat’s name is James ^_^

  2. I hope you had a great vacation! I love your books and can’t wait for part 5 to be released!

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