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Glassed Beginnings

Hey Guys!


Photo: Close up of wine glass display @ Sur La Table Aventura, Fl.


Generally I bring in the New Year with some bubbly or spirits but that won’t be the case this year – not even a little bit of sparkling grape juice will touch these lips 🙂

But that’s okay!  There have been so many good things to celebrate within this past year that I would rather just bring the New Year in with silence and probably some meditation.  Yeah – boring for most but I do meditate to help me get more centered and write better/more.  Smut can take a lot out of a girl 😉

What have I been thankful for in 2012?!

Starting my self-publishing career in May!

Meeting some A-MAZING people in this erotic literary world.

Helping some women in knowing that it’s okay to be lesbian and to have sexual relations(hips).

Growing as a writer and an Author.

Making some modest means (and looking forward to making more in 2013!)

My Readers and supporters.

Being healthy.

Don’t want to get all sappy on here but 2012 has been pretty awesome to me and I suspect 2013 will have many wonderful surprises in store!

Be safe out there my wonderful Readers!  Have some bubbly for me and know that it’s okay to call for a cab if you can’t drive.

I love you all and I hope we make 2013 The Year of Endless Possibilities!


Love You – I mean it!



About LillianBendover

Erotic lesbian word-jocky. Naughty, never nice. Keeping things classy.

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