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Another Man’s Treasure, Part 2 NOW Live and Other News #erotica #teamlesbian

Hey Guys,

As promised, Another Man’s Treasure, Part 2 is now LIVE:


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After some time eyeing the new neighbor, Frances does the neighborly thing and sets out to get to know Daisy better.  But when she goes snooping through Daisy’s unpacked moving boxes and discovers a dark corner of the other woman’s past, will what Frances comes to know keep her away or draw the two women together?

Daisy doesn’t share her past with most but finds herself opening up to her nosey neighbor.  Will she regret this decision or will Frances be just what Daisy needs in her life?

This is the second of two parts of Another Man’s Treasure by lesbian erotica author, Lillian Bendover, and is 8500 words long.

Warning: Explicit Femme/Femme sex


“I really wasn’t kidding Fran.”  Daisy stood still, her back to the other woman.

Frances sighed, got herself up off the floor and made her way to Daisy’s tense back.  She outlined the bra strap from beneath the wife beater, smoothing down the thick strap of the overall.  She reached around and un-did one of the hooks, sliding her hand up Daisy’s strong neck, stopping when she noticed how painted over her hands and fingers were.

“Don’t do that if you don’t mean it Fran… I don’t think I could take it if you really didn’t mean that.”

Frances watched as Daisy’s shoulders began a gentle heave.

This is the end of this two parter!  Hope you guys enjoyed it


In other news, I will be taking a bit of a sabbatical as I re-group before this new year comes at me.  There is much housekeeping to do and things to go through and organize.

Some things to look forward to will be :

Sophie: Love Found, Part 2 – YES!  I hope to get this done while on break.  I got called out on it in an Amazon review and I will be wrapping that one up. Originally it started out as a two parter and somehow managed to get away from me.  But I will wrestle it down and get it out to you guys early next year.

Awakenings continuation – While on sabbatical (is it REALLY a sabbatical if I will be writing?!), I will be working on finishing this series for you all.  I will also be working with a new Beta Reader.  She actually helped me with the second half of Another Man’s Treasure.  I think this will help out a lot in terms of story continuity and helping to make me a better writer over all.

New One Shot Stories – I hope to have a lot more one-hitter-quitters next year.  Though I love the series, they take considerably more energy to crank out.  I am hoping with the OHQ’s that I’ll be able to give you guys a lot more content.

Misc. – I am also hoping to let you guys in on what I do when I am not updating/writing, etc…  I am a real person behind these pixels (I promise!) and I want to reach out to you all and connect.  So look for some of those fun/funny/interesting things that I do/come across.

So this will be it as far as publishing for 2012.  It has been an interesting year and I want to thank all those who show their love by visiting this blog, following me on Twitter and Liking me on Facebook but more importantly for buying my books!  You guys make what I do that much more awesome!

Have a happy, safe Holiday Season and a Happy New Year!  See you all on January 20, 2013!!!


Happy Sunday – I hope that everyone is home, safe and doing well.  I actually wrote the part above early Friday and wanted to add this portion below:

I want to extend my condolences to all those who have been affected by the horrific incidents that occurred in CT on Friday.  My heart goes out to all the children as well as the parents/adults/care takers.  I wish I could un-see for them, all the horror that those Innocents saw that day.  My heart still hurts for them.



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