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Update and Other Things

Hey Guys!

Happy holidays and all that wonderful stuff!

I usually send out updates every two weeks to let you all know what’s going on in terms of publishing material.  This Sunday should be that day but it’s the holidays and I won’t be making that deadline.  Sorry 😦

I am aiming for next Sunday and I may possibly have a double release.  Here are the deets:

Her Seductive Affections: Awakenings, Part 5 is kinda on hold.  I’m not sure why but I’ve got a bit of writers’ block with it.  I am hoping it works out by pub time.  I think I need to reign in the mayhem a bit (cause Shit Got Real®) or just go all out with it?  Not sure but I’ll get off the fence and work it out for you guys real soon.

What has been taking my writing time is a short I’m working on called …Another Man’s Treasure, set in the 1950’s (much like Daddy-Oh! ) and so far?  It is pretty saucy!   At this point, which ever one I get through first, will be what will make the pub deadline for next Sunday.  Being ever ambitious, I will try to get them both out.  But we shall see.

In AWESOME news, Sophie: Love Found got its FIRST review, making that my first review ever!  I am ridiculously excited about this!  I am taking the criticisms to the writing pad and will in all likelihood be making a Sophie, Part 2, probably in the next few weeks?  Lots of writing to do! whew!  But I LOVE it!

In the mean time, I hope you all go through my current offerings and make it a Black Monday for lesbian erotica by buying some (or all) of my ebooks.

As always, my ebooks are available at the following eSellers:





You guys have  made my Thanksgiving and I am thankful for you all, really 🙂

Love You – totally mean it!


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