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A Reminder – Awakenings, Part 1 99¢ #erotica #lesbiansex #lesbian #teamlesbian

Hey All!

I am working on Awakenings, Part 5 and just wanted to remind everyone that Her Opened Eyes, Awakenings, Part 1 is 99¢:

I’d like to get this series to the Top 100 on Amazon and I need your help!  Tell a friend or two, refer your lesbian reading group to my blog, retweet my tweets – if you have read the first part (or the series up until now) SPREAD the word!  I am finding so many other erotica titles up there and I think lesbian erotica needs to be represented too!  I write this not only for me but for you all!

I know there are at least TWO folks here who have held on with me till the fourth part of this series (I don’t know you personally, Amazon doesn’t give us that kind of information, but I would like to thank you 🙂  and I know there are many more who would enjoy this series and some of the other titles too.  Truth is, I am a One Woman operation – I do my own writing, editing, front covers and marketing and though I may not get it all right all the time, I do this because I love it and because I want lesbian romance/erotica to be represented by a woman(Moi) who knows it best – a real life lesbian!

So, short of showing up to your houses with a tutu and a hot pizza, word of mouth, spreading the word and community is what will get stories like the ones I write and those by other lesbian authors up there with the 50 Shades and Zanes.

Thanks for listening and I hope you all like my stories enough to help get them out there!

As always, I welcome your emails and comments!

Love you, mean it!


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Erotic lesbian word-jocky. Naughty, never nice. Keeping things classy.

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