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Awakenings: Part 4 – Coming Sunday!

Hey All!

Just a quick note to let everyone know that Awakenings: Part 4 will be available this Sunday November 11, 2012!


Here is a quick snippet:

“Why are you here Agatha?”  Holly’s voice became grave as she trained her eyes on the red-head’s luscious lips, almost missing what she was saying.

“Truth is… I wanted to come see you.  I know this must be a hard time for you right now.  Your father is all you have left.”  Agatha tried to give her most convincing argument.

The elevator dinged, Holly stepped in, then held the door open.  Agatha waited a beat before crossing the threshold with her seductive blue violet platform heels and sheer nylon sheathed legs.  Holly admired how the extended length, black pea coat brushed just below the swell of her thighs.  She remembered in that moment, how much she loved those thighs, how they had long ago encompassed her waist, locking her body to the owner’s hot middle.  

Agatha, sensing the moment of reverie, eased closer, entwining their fingers.  At first Holly tensed.  This, whatever Agatha had come to think she was doing, was not what Holly wanted.  She had no intention of being Agatha’s woman on the side, nor had she planned on rekindling a hidden romance with the woman who shattered her so many years ago.  But she needed a warm body tonight and if Agatha was giving, she was up for the taking.


Oh what?!  Agatha?!  Yes, you read that correctly.  That won’t be the only surprise in this installment either!  Stay tuned!

I’ll also be making a few other announcements, so be sure to check back Sunday for more info.

And thanks to everyone who supports what I do!


Love you all, totally mean it 🙂



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