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Awakenings, Part 3 is NOW Live!!!

Hey Guys!

After some last minute bumps (don’t you just LOVE snafus?!), Her Sacred Passions, Awakenings, Part 3 is now LIVE on Amazon and Smashwords:

After an evening of intense and incredible passions, with little rest and less sleep, June thinks she has found heaven and seen the face of – Holly’s father? The unexpected visit cuts their love making session short but nothing can keep her off Cloud 9. Except perhaps an encounter with Holly’s Ex, Agatha.

Holly wished she had heard her father calling and cut him off at the pass but all that is too late when he finds out why Holly couldn’t be reached. Expecting a quick uncomfortable visit, Holly is not prepared for the news her father came to personally deliver.

Will what her father confesses be what finally breaks Holly and force her to allow someone in or will it fuel her womanizing ways, beginning with her old flame, Agatha?

This is the third part of the “Awakenings” series by lesbian erotica author, Lillian Bendover, and is 7700 words long.

Warning: Explicit Butch/Femme sex


“No… you don’t have to.” Holly’s whispered refusal had the same sexy tone June remembered from their initial meeting. She was horny that day! This revelation created a wicked smirk which ignited across her lips. But she was aware there was something else in Holly’s tone too. Fear? Sadness?

“You can’t tell me what to do tonight!” June shot back defiantly, a spark of fire flashing across her face. She forced Holly to sit, then removed the rubber band that kept her hair hostage. The soft-wave of hair tumbled to her shoulders, making her to look softer, more vulnerable. June kissed Holly, lovingly, pushing her down onto her back, spreading her thighs apart with little force. She urged her further up onto the bed while rubbing the entirety of her leg. June heard a plaintive moan of yearning rise out of her throat to which Holly responded by cradling June’s face between her palms. She kissed her, pulling down her desire in an attempt to quell the uncertainties mounting inside of her.


I am working directly with other outlets and will update when it is ready for Nook and on iTunes!

As a Thank You for making Sophie: Love Found reach #2,297 on the Amazon charts this weekend, I am offering Awakenings, Part 3 for 99¢ the ENTIRE week!  Let’s see if we can raise that Amazon ranking to the Top 100!

This is my Thanks again to you guys for making this journey so much fun and to allow me to do what I love – entertain & write!

As a follow up bonus, anyone who “Likes” my Facebook page AND signs up for my Newsletter, will receive a special bonus code for Daddy-Oh!
@ 99¢!

Love & Kisses,


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