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In Deep – Snippet

Hello Smuffins!


Thought I’d swing through with a snippet for my new book, In Deep:

Carmella was confused.  She had only given Lou her phone number, she didn’t remember telling her where she lived.  Curious, Carmella grabbed the nearby towel, wrapped it around herself and made her way to her front door, careful not to let the bottle slide its way out.  As she unlocked the door, she spied Lou, wearing Love Me red stilettos and a rather expensive looking coat.
“Can I come in?!”  Lou didn’t wait for an answer and pushed herself in, crushing herself against Carmella’s front.  She jumped back a few inches when she felt something hard, that didn’t seem to belong around Carmella’s crotch.  Lou looked down, then back up.
“What is this?!”
Carmella began to stammer, not sure what to say or how to begin to explain.  In a moment, Lou found a light switch, switched it on then looked at Carmella standing against the wall sheepish and in a funny kind of way.
“What’s wrong with you?!” And she reached out, grabbing the towel.  Her look of worry turned quickly to mischief when she caught a glimpse of Carmella naked, with the shampoo bottle wedged into her…


You can see what sexiness ensures by following the link below:


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Love & Kisses,



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