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Happy Saturday :)

Lovely Smut Muffins!

I truly hope you are enjoying your Saturday – as I am 🙂

I  want to help make it even MORE enjoyable with a little gift – use cpn code:BL76Q to get a discount on my latest book, For Hire:



Here’s a snippet for incentive:

Lou could see the wheels churning in Carmella’s brain and didn’t want to give her time enough to think better of her proposition, so she hooked her fingers into Carmella’s front belt loops and pulled her into herself.  Lou stood on her tip toes and made to kiss Carmella’s lips, then pulled away, like an unsure game of cat and mouse.  She was hoping that this mouse would want to sample her cat.  She felt encouraged when Carmella did not make to move away or avoid her kisses.  Standing with her feet on either side of Lou’s, Carmella allowed herself to be pulled into this game, unsure of how far she would let things go before calling it quits.

Can you stand it Smut Muffins?!  Head on over and see what shenanigans commence!

Love & Kisses,



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Erotic lesbian word-jocky. Naughty, never nice. Keeping things classy.

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